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I’d love to travel on every one of the tours offered by Iberian Wine Tours! They specialize in making connections — with and between their guests, with small local businesses, and with fantastic restaurants and wineries wherever they travel. Time and again it’s “how on earth did you find this wonderful place?” And it always becomes a trip of traveling with (often new-found) friends.

Ellen Hoffman


We would absolutely recommend Iberian to anyone that wants an experience over just a tour. This was our 4th time travelling with Iberian and for a reason! Excellent from start to finish with every aspect of the tour – accommodation, winery visits, meals.

Ally Wallace


“In Spain, Jeremy is the king of wine travel.”

James Cluer MW

Owner of Fine Vintage

“Off the charts! Jeremy and Simon planned terrific routes and visits….Their ability to connect with each member of the group, as well as bring the group together as a whole, is a special gift. Their knowledge – and more important, their passion – was fantastic”

Susan Myers


“We can only rave about our trip ..our whole group was absolutely blown away by the wineries and our wonderful guide, Jenny”

Mirabai Stockwell

NSW Australia

Our travelers enjoyed a fabulous journey across Northern Spain. Jeremy Shaw took the group to a variety of wineries each showcasing a different aspect of Spain’s winemaking history. He is incredibly knowledgeable and a great tour leader. We all learned a lot and had a great time

Kristina Nemeth

“The one aspect of your trips that sets you apart from other companies is the opportunity you give to us to meet interesting, passionate, and (many times) humorous people conducting their everyday lives in wine regions of the world that we have only previously read about.”

Tony Ventura

New York

“We don’t normally go on organised tours but we’re really glad we went on this one! What made this special was not only the outstanding quality of the food and wine but the opportunity to meet the people and hear the stories, which was only possible because of the relationships which Jeremy has developed. We simply wouldn’t have got to experience all of this on an independent trip.”

Geoff Palmer and Carol Collis

West Sussex, England

“We went on a trip to Portugal & Galicia with Iberian Wine Tours. It far exceeded our wildest expectations. Each day we knew the experience couldn’t be topped and each day Jeremy and Simon would move the bar even higher. The trip was over the top and we anxiously await our next tour.”

Clifton & Constance McDerby

Food and Vine Time, Houston, Texas

“One of the most enjoyable tours any of us had ever taken”

Bill Hyatt

Healdsburg, California