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In addition to our mainstream wine destinations, we also run insider trips to special destinations through our Gran Reserva Club and extend some of our Spanish trips into southern France too, particularly Bordeaux and the Languedoc. Each Gran Reserva trip highlights the charms of our less regular destinations, where we love to make the most of connections developed along our travels.

Additionally, we run regular gourmet trips to Ireland and Scotland, the destinations are covered in detail in our Celtic Gourmet tours section.

Map of South America

South America

Most great wines in South America are made in the shadow of the Andes. The vineyard vistas that sweep from the mountains to the foggy fringes of the Pacific in Chile and across the high altitude desert plains of Mendoza under snowcapped peaks are dramatic and humbling to behold.

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Map of Spain


A cultural crossroads between Europe and Africa, Spain shaped and witnessed the rise and fall of many of history’s greatest empires. Their legacy shines across modern Spain within Moorish churches, ancient Greek fishing ports, Roman roads and wine terraces, cathedrals and palaces built from gold from the Americas and Arab tinted languages and foods.

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Map of Portugal


The only country in southern Europe not touching the Mediterranean, Portugal has always cast its gaze towards the open seas. Although shaped by its history with the Moors, Romans and Spanish, Portugal’s zenith arrived when Vasco de Gama led the age of exploration and discovery in the late 15th century to mark Portugal’s cultural imprint around the world.

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Map of Special Selections

Special Selections

We love to travel to new places and this where we can let you know all about the special new locations.

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