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With its fabled landscapes and scenery as well as a friendliness and warmth not found in many other locations around the world, we offer you a unique insider’s insight to these lands of music, myth and legend.


Drinking has always been an important part of the culture of Ireland, so there’s no surprise that we have the world’s oldest licensed distillery as well as the world’s fastest growing whiskey industry. Whiskey was brought by Irish monks to Scotland and has been one of the world’s favourite tipples ever since. Beer, especially stout, is renowned and Guinness is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Many artisan cider producers as well as micro breweries are on the increase and there has been an upsurge in small production gin companies. The drinks industry is in a healthy state and we will always visit an interesting cross section on our travels.


The coasts, rivers, lakes and fields of Ireland offer some of the best in seafood, meat and dairy anywhere in the world and there is an exciting new way of young, innovative chefs and small-scale producers bringing gastronomy to a level previously undreamed off. The fusion of traditional and avant-garde makes this a thrilling time to visit this wonderful region. From Michelin star to gastro pub there is always an abundance of fine food on the island. With ingredients so fresh and local we are truly blessed by the quality on our doorstep. Strangford Lough langoustines, organic cheese from Kerry, Mourne Mountain lamb and Finnebrogue venison are just some of the quality regional produce available.


Ireland is a land teeming with culture. Poets and authors like Yeats, Joyce, Wilde, Beckett, Swift, CS Lewis, GB Shaw, to name but a few, sit at the top table of creativity around the world. Music is played in many homes and found in pubs throughout the land. Culture is alive and thriving and is an integral part of everyday life in this vibrant island. People are relaxed and friendly, a smile is never far from their faces – remember it’s about enjoying the ‘craic’ or having some ‘banter’ in the pub. We make sure you’ll visit some pubs and enjoy some good music.