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Scotland has a unique landscape of islands, highlands and lowlands that is justly famous throughout the world. Untouched valleys with lochs and glens provide breathtaking scenery that has delighted visitors for many years.


Since Irish monks brought whisky to Scotland through Islay and the Hebrides, Scotland hasn’t looked back. By far the world’s most successful whisky industry, Scotch is enjoyed everywhere around the world. Different styles of expensive single malts from peaty Islay to smooth Speyside to cheaper mass market blended whiskies have offered the consumer a vast range of choices. Visiting the historic distilleries is always a delight and tasting in the barrel rooms is always a privilege.


Similar to Ireland Scotland has coasts, rivers and lakes that provide seafood, meat and dairy equal to anywhere in the world. The major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow offer fine dining experiences but there are also gems dotted around the country in historic manor houses and country estates. Famous salmon rivers attract thousands of tourists to the country every year while the large Highland estates are renowned for deer and other game. Local chefs are expert at cooking such great produce seasonally. Salmon smokeries and world class chocolatiers as well as organic cheesemakers mean that there is always something interesting around the corner for anyone who loves food.


Scotland is a country with a tradition of innovation in medicine, industry and business. Scots have excelled anywhere they have settled around the world and have a proud military history too. It is also a land of music with pipes and dance and of the written word as well and today this arts scene is thriving. The Edinburgh Festival in August is always a highlight of the year.